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Some of the financial products we offer are listed below. If you are not sure of anything or looking to get more information, please contact us or call 03 8658 6013, and we'll give you everything you need to know in order to get on top of your finances.


Home Loans

Wondering how to get on the property ladder? Choose the perfect home loan with us and own your dream home in no time! Whether you are a first time buyer or looking to re-mortgage your property, a quick call to Bright Loans could save a lot of time and money. We offer competitive rates and attractive terms on home loans so that you can get the peace of mind you deserve.

We also offer competitive loans for second home buyers. Please contact us and see how you can benefit from your special home loan packages designed specifically to second home buyers.

When you come to us, you’ll be able to benefit from our impartial advice and competitive loan packages. Above all, we give a range of loan options for you to pick that suit your individual circumstances. Please call us on 03 8658 6013 and see how much you could borrow!



Investment Property Loans

We all look forward to utilising our extra money wisely, and with an investment property loan from Bright Loans, you can invest your hard earned savings so that it'll pay dividends in the long term. With attractive terms and interest rates on investment property loans, you can start off this extra income venture without any of the hassle when you come to us.

If you are looking to buy any property, we offer competitive rates and terms for you to get the best return for your cash. We are a professional and friendly mortgage broker with a commitment to see you thrive in all business activity. We listen and understand your needs so that we're able to offer the perfect loan package for you to have the maximum return for your savings.

With our super-fast response times, you can be on the road to maximise your wealth brightly and cheerfully. Call us, today!


Business Loans

Looking a way to boost your business? Why not talk to us and see how you could add some cash injection to maximise your productivity. We offer tailored loan packages to suit your specific business requirements and financial situation. If you are running short of working capital, a business loan from Bright Loans could help you get back on track! Simply talk to us and we'll look after your finances whilst you look after what you do best.

Business does not always run smoothly and you may need a little helping hand from time to time. Some businesses find it difficult to keep track on their finances during challenging times and with a business loan from Bright Loans your business can stay on top so that everything runs effortlessly.

You may need extra cash to buy new equipment, property development, refurbishment or simply looking for ways in which you can increase your capital. When you talk to Bright Loans, we offer independent and impartial advice giving you the opportunity to boost your business’s performance without any of the hassle. Call 03 8658 6013 and see how you could put your business back on track.


Personal Loans

A personal loan is a great way to kick start the things you've always wanted. We all have certain things in mind, but simply cannot get them done because there was simply not enough cash to get round them. With a personal loan from Bright Loans, you can begin all the projects you had in mind for so long in no time! Whether you need to buy a new car or improve your home, an attractive personal loan can help you make your dreams come true.

So make your plans a reality. Call Bright Loans today and see how much you could borrow and do all the things you've wanted for so long.


Construction Loans


We offer attractive loan schemes for those willing to build a house on their own initiative. Most customers can also get assistance from the government when starting to build a home. Please contact us to talk about the range of loan schemes you could apply for.



 Car Loans

Buying a vehicle is the most important purchase one could make after a home. Whether you're buying your first car or looking to upgrade to a high spec model, we offer flexible personal loans for you to make the perfect choice with ease. We work in close partnership with leading lenders in Australia to ensure you get the best deal when choosing a loan for your next car purchase.

Please call our dedicated help line to get more information on the various loan packages we offer. We are friendly, professional and offer a quick service so that you can purchase your dream car without a fuss. To drive away in style get in touch with Bright Loans, today!


Equity Loans

An equity loan is available to those who already own a home or own a home under a mortgage. Generally, the homeowner can borrow large amounts of money from a lender by using the equity on their property. A borrower can use the equity on their property to upgrade it or buy a different property. For example, if one requires some extra funds to buy a car or buy a second home, he may borrow the required amount by keeping the home as a security against the value of the loan.

To learn more about equity loans please call us on 03 8658 6013. We provide impartial and professional advice so that you can pick the perfect loan to suit your individual circumstances.

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