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‎Name: Wilson & Premila Rodrigues

Location: Sydney

Testimonial: We would like to Thank Simone for her proactiveness, her speed on correcting issues, Her helpful nature, keeping her promises and would recommend her services to anyone looking for a loan. Thank you Simone. Hope you continue this and all the very best.


‎Name: Margie Alix

Location: Melbourne

Testimonial: Simone was a great help to us. She structured our loan in a way that would best suit us and reflect our long term goals. She's always there asap. Her passion for what she does and her humour just makes everything seem so easy. She's ever positive and she would happily extend a hand anytime of the day. I just love her and I would highly recommend her to people refinancing their home and buying an investment property at the same time.  Thanks again Simone Nagar!


Name: Abbey Feldman

Location: Melbourne 

Testimonial: We were refrred to Bright Loans by a friend who had a very good experience with Simone. We cannot thank him enough! We were very stressed with the whole process but Simone was no less than a magician- she explained everything and took us step by step so we definitely put the stress behind us. Her amazing positive nature and proficiency got us the loan we wanted under the perfect terms. We couldn't be happier! We would recommend her services to anyone and surely use her service in the future. Thank you Simone!

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